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Fair + Square Soapery

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Seconds Sale

Its that time again.... de-stashing our unwanted, unloved, oddly shaped, slightly small soap bars that don't make our retail grade. Prices range from $3-8.  Soaps are not packed in their usual cardboard boxes but wrapped in tissue paper.

NOTE: Free Shipping code does not apply to sale items sorry!!

Bars available are:


Rebatched - soaps made with the offcuts of all our bars

Soap balls - lavender & orange with pink clay (large balls, same weight as the soap bars)



Spice Trader - cinnamon & clove

Wild Thing - peppermint gardeners scrub

Dirty Hippie - patchouli & sandalwood

Terra Firma - geranium, patchouli & balsam peru

Tulsi Tea - holy basil, neroil & orange

Rosehip Retreat - lavender, patchouli & geranium

Goddess - lavender, rosemary & lemongrass

Soap cubes - peppermint & spearmint with activated charcoal swirl (smaller size bar, around 80-90g)

Vegan Castile - 100% olive oil with lavender



Daily Detox - charcoal face wash

Lemony Snicket - lemon face wash

Blush - geranium, patchouli & bergamot (wrapped in cute origami paper)



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