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The Soap

Cold process soap making is a scientific process of combining oils with an alkali substance (lye) which results in a chemical reaction called saponification. Once saponification is complete, there is neither oil nor lye remaining in the soap. To produce a nice moisturising bar I add a 'superfat' value of 7-8% which refers to the extra oils which aren't bound up in the saponification process. These oils provide the moisturising effect that you don't get with commercially made soap bars.  After making the soaps, they sit and cure for at least six weeks to ensure a nice, hard, long lasting bar with a rich lather.  

They are all handmade in small batches, and hand cut, hand beveled and hand packaged so each bar will vary slightly in size, shape and appearance to the photo, but all are full of the same skin loving ingredients!

TAKING CARE OF YOUR HANDMADE SOAP: handmade soap needs a little more care than its chemical-laden counterparts. As it is full of all the natural oils, it needs to be well drained when using. The less of the soap touching a flat, wet surface – the better, so choose a good soap dish. 
When you are storing your soap (before using), put somewhere dry. Don’t store in a damp bathroom. Many of my customers enjoy storing their soap in their clothes draws, using them to infuse their lovely scents into their clothes. Or cut a slice off and hang in a muslin bag in your car, the scent will last for ages and you will always have an emergency bar of soap if needed on the road!